Friday, November 14, 2008


Welcome to Social Sustainability: our blog companion to our non profit organization Social Green. Social Green is dedicated to exploring and enhancing the social side of sustainability.

This blog is a companion to our non profit organization, Social Green, and to all of the books and projects associated with our work at Social Green. It’s an informal space for us to share thoughts on all things related to the social side of sustainability and to network with others who share these interests.

In Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken describes sustainability as an infinite game. We play finite games to win, he says, but we play infinite games to keep on playing. “Sustainability; ensuring the future of life on earth, is an infinite game, the endless expression of generosity on behalf of all.” As an infinite game, sustainability necessarily involves any and all projects aimed at preserving life or promoting justice on planet Earth. Hawken goes on to say, “Any action that threatens sustainability can end the game, which is why groups dedicated to keeping the game going assiduously address any harmful policy, law, or endeavor.”

We love this metaphor because it speaks eloquently to the interconnectedness of all efforts to make the world a better place. And, we are excited to be a voice emphasizing the social threads that run through all of these interlinked endeavors.

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